About Lazy Souls

Lazy Souls consists of few members spread around the world playing common games together. Most members are playing Tibia on Olympa (or inactive) but there are few of us who also play Insurgency on VAC-secured server (anti-cheats).

The guild were created back in April 12th 2013 on Olympa due to internal conflicts after the fusion between the guilds Argonautica and Red Lotus when the founder of Argonautica (Snowe Monteiro, Xiaolin Monteiro & Tim Monteiro) passed their leadership to active members due to their retirements. Different people with different visions and activities made it hard to maintain the guilds harmony, and group were split into 3-4 minor guilds.

Today most member got their primary character in the guild Odyssey, but their alts and names remains in this guild, basically too lazy to do anything with it ;)

This community were made in hope to maintain the communication between the members and guests without using the Tibia channel all the time (and not all want a lot of messages on WhatsApp)


- Webmaster